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A visualization that shows how the meaning we attach to a given concept shifts over time.

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What ShiCo can do for you

  • Provides historians with a tool for exploring concept shifts
  • Explores changes on words related to a seed word
  • It provides a unique way of using word2vec technology over different time intervals

ShiCo is a tool for visualizing time shifting concepts. We refer to a concept as the set of words which are related to a given seed word. ShiCo uses a set of semantic models (word2vec) spanning a number of years to explore how concepts change over time -- words related to a given concept at time t=0 may differ from the words related to the same concept at time t=n.

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  • Visualization
  • Text analysis & natural language processing
Programming Language
  • Python
  • Apache-2.0
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  • ShiCo: A Visualization tool for Shifting Concepts Through Time


  • Carlos Martinez-Ortiz
    Netherlands eScience Center
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Carlos Martinez-Ortiz
Netherlands eScience Center