QTL TableMiner++

Results from QTL - Quantitative Trait Locus - mapping experiments are commonly presented in tables of genetics literature. This tool extracts QTL data from the literature and makes these data more FAIR.

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What QTL TableMiner++ can do for you

  • Provides command-line access to QTL data described in tables of genetics literature
  • Makes the data available in machine-readable formats
  • Aids in data re-use and integration with other types of biological data
  • Text analysis & natural language processing
  • Inter-operability & linked data
Programming Language
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Apache-2.0

Participating organizations

An excellent tool to streamline the tedious but critical QTL data curation works. I highly value its usefulness to the research community.
– Anonymous reviewer


  • Gurnoor Singh
    Wageningen University and Research Centre
  • Arnold Kuzniar
    Netherlands eScience Center
Contact person
Gurnoor Singh
Wageningen University and Research Centre