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If you have large amounts of Geospatial grid-based data you would like to explore quickly, eWaterLeaf could be the visualisation for you.

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What eWaterLeaf can do for you

  • Simple visualisation of Geospatial data.
  • Web based Visualisation of NetCDF data.
  • Little to no configuration necessary.

eWaterLeaf is a very simple Web based Visualization for Gespatial data. It supports any NetCDF-CF compliant file, the most supported format in Geosciences.

eWaterLeaf is based on the widespread Web Map Service (WPS) standard. Next to a Javascript visualization based on Leaflet (hence the name), it also includes a server (based on ncWMS) for serving any NetCDF-CF file.

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  • Visualization
Programming Language
  • JavaScript
  • Apache-2.0
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  • Niels Drost
    Netherlands eScience Center
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Niels Drost
Netherlands eScience Center