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eEcology Annotation Tool

Visualize and annotate GPS measurements of bird movements.

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What eEcology Annotation Tool can do for you

  • Ecologists studying bird behavior using the UvA-BiTS system can visualize and annotate the data gathered for a bird in a certain time range
  • The tool retrieves GPS measurements from the UvA-BiTS database and visualizes them so they can be annotated by hand or annotations classified by a machine can be verified
  • It shows all the GPS tracker data in context with the satellite imagery and your own data and annotations
  • It shows acceleration data (seconds timescale) and GPS information (days timescale) in the same interface
  • Visualization
  • Inter-operability & linked data
Programming Language
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Apache-2.0
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  • Stefan Verhoeven
    Netherlands eScience Center
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Stefan Verhoeven
Netherlands eScience Center